My right hand and my neck hurts. And I think my back too. Because I forgot to take my prednisone yesterday, and I was lugging around my portfolio case which had all my pieces from last year (when I applied to the graphic design program, I brought them because there was a workshop so I could help the people applying to the program) AND my magazine spreads were supposed to be due yesterday but my professor cancelled the class. Ouch. My case was so heavy because of it. I have 2 tests today. Ill go to the gym afterwards, I brought my yoga and Pilates DVDs. There’s an open room when there’s no group classes available but there’s these people who always blast their loud music while hip hop dancing (it’s the Filipino hip hop dance team). So yeah. I hope I can enjoy yoga without them blasting that shit (don’t get me wrong, I like hip hop top) Oh did I mention I’m going to be going down to 15 mg of prednisone tomorrow? I’m excited. And I have a portfolio review (I’m not sure if they’re gonna interview me) for an internship at a really nice design studio in midtown Sacramento. I sent the email letting one of the staff know I’m interested and they said they would take a look at my work next Wednesday. Oh and I’m also the event coordinator for the design club on campus. So many activities but I have to be careful not to take on too much because work wise senior year is gonna super crazy and chaotic for us.


Lauren Fisher: Acroyoga anyone? Try new sports! 

Please Cecilio let’s try this!

There has been a horrible smelling thing in my backpack this whole time for the past week or so. I started smelling it recently but my mom noticed it earlier than I did. I started really noticing it Monday and today at school. At first I was getting insecure because I thought it was my period. (Although periods never ever smell that bad to others) It turns out it was I think it was a rotten hard boiled egg smushed in a plastic bag turned into a liquid substance. I feel horrible because it was inside the small part of my backpack and now my classmates and teachers are gonna think poorly of me and think I’m some stinky person (and avoid me) when I’m not. In fact, I smell pretty good most of the time. I threw the thing away and my mom and I had to spray some of my items (lipsticks, pencils, pencil case, wallet, mini ruler, etc) and we had to throw away my backpack. The smell permeated it. I kept all of my stuff except for the mini ruler because it has cork in the back and the odor absorbed in it.

We all make careless mistakes right? I hope I’m not a horrible, smelly person nobody wants to talk too. I hope I can forgive myself someday :( and I hope no one unfollows me.

I am the “Boobies”

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Puppy’s First Visit To The Beach Will Make All Other Dog Photos Out There Irrelevant

This little fella’s name is Champ. He’s a 9-week-old golden retriever that went to the beach for the first time in Hagar Township on Lake Michigan.

Photograher Patrick Holthof


The Science of Weight Loss!!!

If you guys are getting sick of these things, let me know. I just think they’re mad interesting…

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Vodka Cherry Pokeballs by BigEatsBen

Not my thing but HELLA AWESOME check these out!